The Attraction (1978)

As of today, Friday August 27 2021, the album Cinecittà – from JP’s former band The Attraction – will be available on streaming services. The Attraction was a Dutch band, that operated in the late seventies. First there was Another Roadside Attraction, an acoustic folky foursome that played small venues, consisting of leadsinger Emile Den […]

De Vertalingen

Kees Prins, Paul de Munnik en JP den Tex – ooit eerder samen ‘on the road’ met de theatershow “Op Weg Naar Huis” (2007) – vertaalden 20 iconische Amerikaanse popsongs. Liedjes van Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell, Lou Reed, Tom Waits, Robbie Robertson en Neil Young. In “De Vertalingen” onthullen ze het verborgen verhaal achter elk […]

Life After Corona

Today we’re almost one year into the pandemic – and it looks like we’re still only halfway through. But our – still very comfortable –  ‘western’ lives are not only threatened by the pandemic. There’s also stifling inequality and a climate catastrophe looming in the distance. So never waste a good crisis, as very wise […]

Duetten, met Vera van der Poel

JP en Vera van der Poel geven op zondagmiddag 21 november een duo-optreden in de Nieuwe KHL in Amsterdam, aanvang 16.30 uur. Vera maakt ook deel uit van het team van “De Vertalingen”, dat vanaf februari 2022 langs de Nederlandse theaters zal trekken. Zie elders op deze Nieuws pagina. JP en Vera van der Poel […]

Reissue JP 80-ies pop

Through the years folks have been asking for this 80-ies JP Den Tex pop sampler! Although young Den Tex may still be looking for a voice here, the songs on ‘Hungry Years (1980-1986)’ already stand out because of their songwriting and storytelling qualities, taking us back to JP’s boho years. Love gone awry (on A […]

Beatnik Americana

We started a new documentary series on Facebook, ‘Tomorrow Never Knows’. Every Thursday a new episode. Here’s a little prelude: “In 2000 our record company Bedrock arranged for the making of a special DJ remix to the catchy tune ‘Maddalena’, one of the most popular tracks on our ‘Hotel Yankee Tango’ album. The Americana sound of […]