Life after Corona…

Will life be swinging again after corona? Of course it will, although momentous events like this Covid-19 pandemic won’t cease to leave a mark on the planet’s future. And it’s not merely the pandemic: there’s also stifling inequality and a climate catastrophe looming. But never waste a good crisis, as very wise (Chinese) men once quite rightly put it. Maybe we finally get a chance to rearrange our economies and create a new framework for freedom and equality. Life after corona ought to be based on 4 guiding principles.

  • ‘Fair sharing’ should become more important than economic growth. With that in mind any kind of ‘man-made damage’ to the environment (or public health) ought to be carefully examined, weighed and ultimately punished through sophisticated taxation. Also, women are more up to the task of  ‘fair sharing’. So women should prepare to become the new leaders of the 21st century. There’s no longer added value in male dominance, so let us men take a backseat and start enjoying ourselves in an entertaining and supporting role 🙂
  • Free education and free, universal health care ought to be considered fundamental human rights.
  • The promotion of individual, personal freedom should first and foremost be focused on protecting freedom of expression (of belief or religion) and freedom from exploitation. Or in other words: the ‘freedom to be’ ought to take precedence over ‘the freedom to have’ i.e. the capitalist adage. National states (or even beter common-sense supranational entities) must guarantee these freedoms, all the while recoiling from patronizing ‘grand philosophies and moralities’.
  • Act local, think global. Local communities should become more independent and self-relying, political power should be transferred from the center to the fringes, in order to reinstall communal self esteem and civic pride.

Only this way will the world get adequate tools to fight poverty, inequality and injustice in the 21st century. We, as artists, should tirelessly strive to promote this noble cause and abstain from the – by the day more meaningless – quest for celebrity status, fame and fortune. As the planet – and life itself – is now at stake.

JP – new blog post, June 2020