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One World…

As our free societies enter a new era (most centuries historically begin in the second decade, as the first one often remains part of the “fin the siecle”) we’re forced to look back and see what we’ve got so far. Democratic capitalism is under a strain: we’ve grown accustomed to translate “freedom” in terms of consumption and possessions. That perception is slowly shifting. Now that the prospect of “growing out of our problems by increasing production” becomes dimmer and dimmer, the world has to find new ways of growth, within the parameters of ecological and economical justice. Lately we’ve seen a tendency to “socialize” consumption. You see this in the ongoing discussion about illegal downloads or music streaming on the internet. “Keep the internet free!” warn the illegal downloaders. For some of them the battle consists in a holy war against ‘greedy’ content creators (like us, poor musicians!) and legal content providers. In itself there seems to be nothing wrong with ‘free’ artistic Read More>


“En roulant la vie c’est la vue…”

Emotional Nomads

“Emotional Nomads” was the name of JP’s backing band from 1998 – 2007 and also the title of their first album together. With Jac Bico,Leon Klaasse, Bart de Ruiter & Bart van Poppel (2007)



The album Emotional Nomads turned out to be a real breakthrough. Painstakingly honest that’s how I’d like to be  Jp wrote in the cd booklet.


The critically acclaimed “Bad French” was  the last album with the Emotional Nomads…. (2007)



“En roulant la vie c’est la vue…”

American Tune

Successful 2009/2010 theatre show American Tune (with Yvonne Ebbers).


A newly arrived European journalist sets out on an adventurous fact-finding trip from New York City to San Francisco. Somewhere along the twisted road he picks up disheveled Russian Elena, a former escort girl who dreams of starting a new life in California …..



“ One World: talk local, think global ”

Speak Diary

2011/13 Theater show ‘’Speak Diary” with Yvonne Ebbers and Arnoud van den Berg)


Flyer    JP_800px_81    Bad French 25-03-2015 


New tour, new cd, it has been the ongoing routine for 30 years running. Now it suddenly makes me feel a little uneasy…” For the first time in his life JP starts looking back. He takes a dive into his collection of teenage demo’s and rerecords some of them. During the sessions he finds a new way to make peace with his past.


“En roulant la vie c’est la vue…”



November 2013 Storyteller, live album (solo at Le Perron)


Opmaak Booklet JP DEN TEX def. los.indd  Mooiste_liedjes_dag2_15  JP - Storyteller - Het Perron nov. 2012



A Country Boy From Groningen” highlights the story of a diffident young bass player, who decides to leave his rural northern town in order to follow his musical dream. “The Man, The Woman & The Dog” is a brand new live version of the old Tortilla classic (1971).

“En roulant la vie c’est la vue…”

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“En roulant la vie c’est la vue…”

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